What to Expect

  1. Initially, we will have a telephone conversation so that I can assess the merits of your claim.
  2. If we agree that I should represent you, we will meet at my office to discuss your case in more detail and complete the necessary paperwork. I will explain how I intend to handle your case and what you can do to increase your chances of success. All of your concerns and questions will be addressed
  3. If you have been denied initially and at reconsideration, I will bring all of your medical records up to date before your scheduled hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
  4. We will meet at my office for approximately two hours prior to your hearing before the Administrative Law Judge so that you know exactly will happen at the hearing.
  5. Immediately following your hearing, we will discuss the likelihood of a favorable decision.
  6. If the decision is favorable, I will explain how the decision will be processed and how and when payments to you will be made.
  7. If the decision is unfavorable, I will explain what arguments I will make on appeal to the Appeals Council.
  8. Once your case is completed, I will still be available to discuss any Social Security issues that may arise.