Your Minnesota Disability Lawyer


IMG_1400You are unable to work. Perhaps you have been injured. Or you are ill. Or both. You are becoming more depressed and anxious by the day. You believe that you are entitled to Social Security disability or SSI benefits, but Social Security has turned you down. It is unfair and stressful and unbelievably frustrating. What should you do? Where do you turn?

You can contact a large Social Security law firm that spends thousands of dollars on high-profile advertising. These firms accept virtually all cases but may treat their clients as more of a number than an individual. Once you sign a fee agreement with these firms, your personal contact with an actual attorney may cease until perhaps one hour before you attend a hearing before a Social Security judge. When you try to reach your attorney at the offices of these firms, you are directed instead to a staff member. Your questions may not be answered promptly or satisfactorily.

However, there is an alternative. You can contact the law firm of Andrew Kline. My firm was established in 1981. You will discuss your issues over the telephone with me personally. If I believe that your case has merit, you will meet with me in person at my office to discuss your case further and sign the necessary paperwork. Even more significantly, while your claim is pending, all of your questions and concerns will be handled personally and promptly by me, not by an assistant or staff member. If there is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, you will meet with me for approximately two hours to prepare you.

Following your hearing, a decision (hopefully favorable) will be issued, but your Social Security problems may continue. Social Security may not process your claim properly or pay you correctly, and you may still need my services. Or months or even years later, a Social Security problem may develop. Throughout this time, I will still be at your side, advocating on your behalf for the benefits to which you are entitled.

No attorney wins every case. If you unfortunately receive an unfavorable decision from the Social Security judge, I will not abandon you. I will appeal your case to the Appeals Council, which occasionally sends cases back to the Social Security judge to correct errors and issue a new decision. Many other attorneys simply give up and do not appeal the Social Security judge’s decision.